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Guided Meditation MP3's 


We all have a deep inner knowing, a little voice inside us that attempts to guide us in a direction for our highest and best good. Its called intuition. Through regular meditation, we can become familiar with this inner guidance and gain clarity in a society where distractions run rampant. There is no wrong way to meditate and it's always beneficial, regardless of the style you choose.

These guided meditations are ideal for any time of day, even on a quick lunch break, and are designed to provide perspective and insight to all aspects of your life. 


  Adult Meditations Available (11+ yrs):

*Magic Space (11 min)      *Beach Perspective (11 min)      *Future You (12 min) 

*Animal Totem (14 min)        *Body Thanks (14 min)      *Chakra Tune Up (12 min) 


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Children are quick to absorb information about the world around them. Fortunately, they're also quick to achieve and maintain balance when introduced to easy and healthy habits such as meditation. These guided meditations are short in length and assist in further developing a child’s natural imagination by incorporating easy visualizations designed to build confidence and self-esteem.  


Child Meditations Available (5-10yrs):  

*Chakra Tune Up (8 min)       *Animal Totem (12 min) 

* Beach Perspective (10 min) *Bedtime Angel (9 min) 


Descriptions and instant downloads available under "Shop Now"